Welcome to The Victrolian Times, where through the warm crackling sounds of the Victrola (or computer speakers, I won’t tell!) we’ll turn on, tune in, and time travel! 

I’m Ava Victrola and I’ve been attracted to antiques from the early 20th century since a young age. You can often find me mousing around in attics and antique stores in search of treasures and clues from the past. However, my most prized treasure is when I began listening to the warm lull of old music from the 1900s-1940s. It was experiencing the sounds and moods of times long ago that inspired me to research and excavate the past. Thus, I dedicated the name of this blog to that comforting and bygone musical record spinner, the Victrola. 

Here, you will find many musings meandering into historical dress, classic film, music, and general cultural phenomena of the time. I especially enjoy exploring how the nascent years of modernity put women in a strange junction between traditional values and independence (something I have observed in old films, biographies, and fashion evolution). 

So follow me down the Victrola horn, and I’ll promise to be your faithful guide through time. From glimpses of ghostly footage to crackling records, we’ll uncover a world that has been lost to time.

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